5 Brain-Boosting Podcast Episodes About Online Privacy and Security

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Since there are so many podcasts, finding a really well-made episode can be overwhelming. It can be as tricky as trying to find a killer local bar or delicious restaurant when you are a stranger in town.

There are several podcasts out there that can build your capacity on how to protect yourself from hackers, ransomware, fraud, account hijacking and many more.

While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the top podcast episodes that give in-depth information and various opinions about privacy and cybersecurity. If your ears are hungry for more, you can find other episodes that cover important privacy issues in the following podcasts; Cyber Security Sauna, Cybersecurity Today, The Cyberwire, Smashing Security, Malicious Life among others.

5 interesting podcast episodes about privacy and security

#1 Privacy and Security – with Sam Harris, Making Sense podcast

You will find thisepisode of the Making Sense podcast. Sam Harris speaks with Michael V. Hayden about; the ethics of secrecy, Russian hacking of the US presidential election in 2016, the reality of spying, and differences between NSA and CIA among other topics.

Michael Hyden is a principal at the Chertoff Group, a security consultancy founded by Michael Chertoff, the former Homeland security secretary. Hyden is also the author of Playing to the edge: An American intelligence in the age of terror.

Before retirement, Michael Hyden served as a four-star general and director of the national security agency. He was also the principal director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

#2 Security, privacy and the internet of things – with Steve Lord, Cybersecurity Sauna podcast

We still have a long way to go before we can enjoy the cost savings and efficiencies promised by the internet of things. Internet of things devices are not only laden with security challenges but also flawed privacy-wise.

In this Cybersecurity sauna podcastepisode, Steve Lord speaks about the security and privacy issues of the devices used in IoT today. Steve, a veteran hacker of the security assessment firm Mandalorian, gives his take on such matters as who controls the data, insufferable EULAS, regulation and how GDPR is going to help. He also talks about why he regards some internet of things vendors as veterans while others are simply replicas.

#3 The cloud: security benefits, risks & why you should use it – With Janne, Cybersecurity sauna podcast

The cloud has transformed the way we conduct business as well as how we deploy software infrastructure in our organizations. If you were wondering what security benefits you stand to enjoy by moving to the cloud, this yourepisode. Laura Kankaala and Antti Vaha-Sipila join Janne on the 21st episode of Cybersecurity sauna to talk about the benefits of being on the cloud, the reason breaches happen and what you can do about it.

Laura has a long history with the cloud having participated in some developmental work on the cloud especially on AWS. She has also worked on numerous assignments and audits regarding cloud infrastructure as she was helping her clients solve security problems and concerns and worries regarding the cloud.

Antti, on the other hand, has mostly interacted with the cloud as a paying customer although she has also worked on software security processes and DevOps among others. Her take is that it would be impossible to do much of anything without modern cloud services and she is interested in getting security in there as well.

#4 Inside the mind of a hacker – With Anna Delaney, Cracking Cybersecurity podcast

This is anepisode from Cracking Cybersecurity Podcast by Teiss, presented by Anna Delaney. Joe Carson, the chief security scientist at Thycotic helps us dissect the mind of a hacker. Do hackers conduct a reconnaissance before an attack? How does this reconnaissance look like? What weaknesses are hackers looking for? When are the most likely to strike?

Joe shares what he thinks about these questions. He also discusses the risk on introducing the internet of things for easier use and how the risk of abuse to critical information assets can be reduced or prevented.

ethical hacker

#5 Are we investing too much in cybersecurity? – With Anna Delaney, Cracking Cybersecurity podcast

In thisepisode, Anna Delany speaks to Orion Hindawi and Ryan Kazanciyan the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of cyber security company Tanium. The talk was conducted during the company’s yearly conference, Coverage.

In this episode, Ryan and Orion shared their take on whether or we are investing too much in cybersecurity by answering the following questions:

  • Can we fairly label vendors as the snake oil in the cybersecurity industry?
  • How can CISOs calculate risk and present comprehensive findings to the board?
  • Is it really possible for companies to rid their amour of all the weak links?
  • What questions should organizations strive to answer when devising ways to stay safe?

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