No KYC Exchanges List

There is loads of cryptocurrency exchanges right now, many are scammy or after you sign up, deposit or want to withdrawal (!) ask you for documents or other forms of KYC.

Here is an updated list of exchanges that we have tested, need to KYC and let you trade with no problems.
These are the Best Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchanges without KYC & AML

We suggest to register into all of them, sometimes only legacy accounts stay KYC-free.
This is a verified list of cryptocurrency bitcoin exchanges that have no KYC/AML and don’t need documents to trade.

Top Volume Exchanges List

Those have big volumes and are good for daily trading. Its a must to have accounts here.

Binance – currently top volume exchange if you dont have it better register now. Withdrawal Limit: 2 BTC/24h

Bitfinex – loads of margin trading spots Withdrawal Limit: 10 BTC/24h

KuCoin – loads of NEO pairs, really nice and smooth design, there is KYC but skip it, not mandatory. Withdrawal Limit: 2 BTC/24h

BiBox – almost same design as Binance but with different coins and projects, Rated top10 for volume. Withdrawal Limit: 2 BTC/24h

HitBTC- really fast with adding Ethereum based ICOs Withdrawal Limit: None.

BitForex – super big volume exchange mostly for ETH/USDT pairs, recommended to use. Withdrawal Limit: 100 BTC/24h

Coinex – looks like it needs KYC it doesnt, loads of BCH pairs. Withdrawal Limit: 10000USD/24h

Good Occasions Exchanges List
That don’t have super bitcoin trading volumes but you can get their coins cheaper than elsewhere so good to keep some amounts waiting.

Cryptopia – top volume of smaller exchanges with many unique coins usually with their own chains. Withdrawal Limit: 5000NZD/24h

Coss – KYC is not needed but set Google 2FA or you will get locked and will need to verify yourself, mostly ETH tokens. Withdrawal Limit: 2000USD/24h

CoinExchange – place for catching overlooked coins that many exchanges dont have. Withdrawal Limit: No limit.

Lbank – Chinese exchange with not big volume but the only that has a few tokens. Withdrawal Limit: 20 BTC/24h

HotBit – some really good and unique cryptos here. Withdrawal Limit: No limit

Cobinhood – low volume exchange where you can often get tokens at a steal price due to low volumes. Withdrawal Limit: 3 BTC/24h

Futures/Margin Trading/Perpetual Swap Crypto Exchanges
Exchanges that let you trade Bitcoin, Ethereum etc futures, perpetual markets and margin leverage with no ID verification and no KYC check.

Bitmex – futures for BTC, ADA, BCH, EOS, LTC, ETH, TRX, XRP. Most famous and oldest site with those. Withdrawal Limit: No limit.

ByBit – new to the market, yet works really good with BTC and ETH deposits. Right now guaranteed to get at least 5USD extra for trading. Withdrawal Limit: No limit.

SimpleFX – forex broker with stocks, commodities and cryptos. You can use and withdrawal a lot of currencies. Withdrawal Limit: No limit.

On-The-Fly Exchanges List
Those let you exchange crypto-crypto without making an account.

Changelly – Exchange crypto to crypto fast with low fees, possible to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum directly with CreditCard.
BlockTrades – popular from STEEM and EOS exchange of many cryptos into another ones with pegged Bitshares coins in the account.

Decentralized Exchanges List
Those have unlimited deposits, withdrawals and no KYC ever can be needed. Your account is your wallet, do no lose passwords.

OpenLedger/CryptoBridge/Bitshares – one login as the base is decentralized, yet each of them usues gateway to let other tokens onto network. Tldr; 50% decentralized, one login to all sites (and even more than those mentioned)

IDEX – decentralized exchange for Ethereum tokens, no accounts, no risk – use Metamask preferably for security

Switcheo – NEO based decentralized Exchange

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